FarmVille Have Some Spring Fun With Kimberly Quest


It’s spring time once again and what a better way to welcome it than to have some spring fun with Kimberly in FarmVille. The FarmVille Spring with Kimberly Quest is one way to toast and celebrate the new season. First, Kimberly will help and teach on how to enjoy spring by participating on some activities like cooking some cookies and doing some egg hunt. You might want to prepare your Pens and Stables ahead for this quests for it has several tasks that may require you to harvest it several times. If you need materials for the Pens and Stables just go to our Materials Request page for the items needed to build it. The Spring Fun Quest is divided into nine part and this guide will help you go through the rest of it.


Spring Fun with Kimberly Quest 1: FarmVille Spring Firsts


Ask friends for 4 Fairy Berries (request for )

Harvest the Horse Paddock Twice (skip 20)
Tip: Any farm location will count towards the quest.

Harvest 50 Rhubarb (skip 10)


farmville spring firsts quest reward1 Strawberry Fairy Chicken, 125 xp, 2500 coins


Spring Fun with Kimberly Quest 2: FarmVille Flutterbyes


Ask friends for 6 Flutterbyes (request for )

Harvest the Strawberry Fairy Chicken Twice (skip 15)
Tip: Place and harvest the Strawberry Fairy Chicken in the Aviary (1 day harvest).

Harvest 75 Spinach (skip 10)


farmville flutterbyes quest reward1 Butterfly Fairy Gnome, 150 xp, 3000 coins


Spring Fun with Kimberly Quest 3: FarmVille Cookie Pops!


Ask friends for 8 Cookie Pops (request for )

Harvest 50 Rice (skip 10)

Harvest 50 Morning Glory (skip 10)


farmville cookie pops quest reward1 Mystery Game Dart,  175 xp, 3500 coins


Spring Fun with Kimberly Quest 4: FarmVille On the Hunt


Ask friends for 8 Egg Hunt Masks (request for )

Master the Strawberry Fairy Chicken to 1 Star (skip 20)
Tip: It takes 5x harvest to achieve 1 star Mastery of the Strawberry Fairy Chicken.

Harvest 125 Eggplant (skip 10)
Info: Takes 2 days to grow and harvest.


farmville on the hunt quest reward1 Egg Hunt Goat, 200 xp, 4000 coins


Spring Fun with Kimberly Quest 5: FarmVille Spring Flour


Ask friends for 8 Flower Cupcakes (request for )

Harvest the Egg Hunter Goat Twice (skip 15)
Tip: Place and harvest the Egg Hunt Goat in the Livestock Pen (1 day harvest).

Harvest 150 Blueberry (skip 10)


farmville spring flour quest reward1 Firefly Lamp Post, 225 xp, 4500 coins


Spring Fun with Kimberly Quest 6: FarmVille High Brow Art


Ask friends for 8 Finger Puppets (request for )

Harvest 75 Fruit (skip 10)
Tip: Any fruit will do just click the Fruit tab in the Market then just select any Fruit seeds.

Harvest 75 Peanut (skip 10)


1 pk Turbo Chargers, 250 xp, 5000 coins


Spring Fun with Kimberly Quest 7: FarmVille I Scream, You Scream…


Ask friends for 9 Ice Cream Cones (request for )

Master the Egg Hunt Goat to 1 Star (skip 20)
Tip: It will take 5x harvest to master the Egg Hunt Goat to 1 star.

Harvest 150 Flowers (skip 10)
Tip: Any Flowers will do just click the Flower tab in Market then select any Flower seed.


farmville i scream you scream quest reward1 Ice Cream Man Gnome, 275 xp, 5500 coins


Spring Fun with Kimberly Quest 8: FarmVille Floral Keepsakes


Ask friends for 10 Framed Flowers (request for )

Harvest Any 3 Breeding Pens (skip 20)
Tip: This may include all the Breeding Pens like Livestock, Wildlife Habitat, Paddock, Pasture etc. except the one’s that is located in Hawaii but the Aquarium may count.

Harvest 150 Lilac (skip 10)


farmville floral keepsake quest reward1 Farm Hands, 300 xp, 6000 coins


Spring Fun with Kimberly Quest 9: FarmVille A Toast to Spring


Ask friends for 12 Bubbly Berries (request for )

Harvest 100 Corn (skip 10)
Info: The regular corn has 3 days to grow and harvest but you may plant Butter and Sugar Corn (Lighthouse Cove) or Posole Corn (must be lvl 54) both has 12 hours harvest time.

Harvest 100 Strawberry (skip 10)


farmville a toast to spring quest reward1 Berry Fountain, 325 xp, 6500 coins

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