Farmville Sweater Quests Guide


Farmville Sweater Quest

– Farmville farmer’s has just recently started receiving the new quests Sweater Quests. It’s a nine part task where you have to keep your animals warm in farmville and make sure they’re ready for the Winter. In Sweater Quest, we gonna give our animals some winter protection and sweater gears to keep them warm for the winter season.

fv sweater quest 1

Sweater Quest I: Red Ears

– “It’s important to take care of all your animals! Even the little ones like rabbits!”


1. “Rabbit ears get cold easily. Probably because they’re so darn big!”

– Ask friends for 6 Rabbit Ear Warmers

2. “Let’s harvest some vegetables for the rabbit while we’re at it!”

– Harvest 50 Vegetables

3. “Strawberries don’t stand  up to the cold well. We shoulkd harvest these now.”

– Harvest 150 Strawberries


farmville sweater tree1 Sweater Tree. 100 xp, 2500 farmville coins


Sweater Quest II: Tail Gloves! Gloved Tails?

– “Pigs are tough and c an handle the cold. Their tails don’t do so well, though. I have the perfect solution!”


1. “They’re like gloves, for a pigs tail! Isn’t that clever? Right?”

– Ask friends for Pig Tail Covers

2. Harvest Sweater Tree

3. “Pumpkins are heavy vegetables, but it’s awfully cold. Harvest these soon!”

– Harvest 150 Pumpkins


farmville sweater penguin1 Sweater Penguin, 200 xp, 2500 farmville coins


Sweater Quest III: A Beany A Day

– “It looks like the ducks are getting ready to go on a ski trip! We should make sure they have some warm hats!”


1. “Ducks like to stay stylish with the times. These beanies will do nicely!”

– Ask friends for 6 Duck Beanies

2. Harvest Sweater Penguin (will usually harvest in 2-3 days)

3. “We’ve been working very hard! We should harvest a snack for ourselves!”

– Harvest 150 Peanuts


farmville ski duck1 Ski Duck, 300 xp, 2500 farmville coins


Sweater Quest IV: Sheep Prefer Cotton

– “We could knit some hoof warmers for these sheep, but then they’d have no wool!”


1. “These will do nicely. The sheep are already bleating with excitement!”

– Ask friends for 6 Hoof Warmers

2. Harvest Livestock Pen

3. “This wheat will be great for insulating the pens”

– Harvest 150 Wheat


farmville sweater sheep1 Sweater Sheep, 500 xp, 2,500 farmville coins


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