FarmVille Tree Challenge


Mack is here and have a challenge in FarmVille Tree Challenge. He needs help on becoming a tree master and we will help him to be one in this simple 6 tasks. This not like a full quest but more like a side quest or a mini quest with no request items task or posting for help. Most of the challenges involves building an Orchards and Grove, Trees, and crafting parts for the Orchards. This maybe release anytime on a slow roll out and may run for 2 weeks.

FarmVille Tree Challenge Quest 1


Harvest an Orchard (skip 10)

Plant a Seedling (skip 5)

Grow a Seedling (skip 5)


1 Apple Tree, 125 xp, 2500 coins


FarmVille Tree Challenge Quest 2


Harvest an Orchard Twice (skip 10)

Plant 4 Seedlings (skip 10)

Grow 3 Seedlings (skip 10)


1 Moreton Bay Fig, 150 xp, 3000 coins


FarmVille Tree Challenge Quest 3


Harvest Moreton Bay Fig Twice (skip 15)

Craft 2 Bricks (skip 15)
Info: Bricks are crafted in the Craftshop.

Buy 10 New Trees (skip 15)


5 Nails, 175 xp, 3500 coins


FarmVille Tree Challenge 4


Build an Orchard Frame (skip 15)

Harvest 6 Orchards (skip 15)

Craft 2 Boards (skip 20)
Info: Boards are crafted in the Craftshop.


1 Araguaney Tree, 200 xp, 4000 coins


FarmVille Tree Challenge 5


Harvest Araguaney Twice (skip 15)

Craft 4 Watering Cans (skip 15)

Grow 10 Seedlings (skip 20)


1 Dragon Fruit Tree, 225 xp, 4500 coins


FarmVille Tree Challenge 6


Harvest Dragon Fruit Tree Twice (skip 15)

Build a Grove Frame (skip 20)

Harvest 10 Orchards (skip 20)


1 Goldenrain Tree, 250 xp, 5000 coins

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