Farmville A Crisp December Quests


Farmville Task: Winter Badger Quest

– It’s winter once again in Farmville A Crisp December and the cold weather that it brings might threaten our farmville farm and animals. In order to protect your farm, FarmVille has introduced the new Winter Badger Quest. It’s a six part quest where your mission is to protect your farm and animals and prepare for the coming winter cold season. It will be a cold  season this month and let’s head on and prepare for the Badger Quests.

farmville winter badger quest 1

Winter Badger Quest 1: On a Crisp December Day

– “It’s important to protect trees and flowers from the cold. Let’s start gathering materials while we help the animals.”


1. “We’ll need stakes to secure protective blankets and tarps.”

– Ask friends to send Stakes you’ll need 6 pieces

2. “Let’s harvest some fruit to balance out our diet!”

– Harvest 50 Fruit

3. “Pumpkins are hearty vegetables, but they don’t like the cold. Let’s harvest some now!”

– Harvest 100 Pumpkins


Farmville Winter Badger Reward 11 Scarf Owl, 100 xp, 2500 farmville coins


Winter Badger Quest 2: Shivering Flora

– “The cold doesn’t affect just animals – even flowers need to be taken care of when it gets chilly out.”


1. “Tarps are a great way to protect flowers from the chill!”

– Ask friends to send Sturdy Tarps you need 7 pieces

2. “Morning Glories are great! I enjoy their blue coloring.”

– Harvest 200 Morning Glory

3. “Let’s check on our friends in the Wild Life Habitat!”

– Harvest Wildlife Habitat


Farmville Winter Badger Reward 21 Fat Scarf Squirrel, 200 xp, 2500 farmville coins


Winter Badger Quest 3: How to Dress a Tree

– “Seedlings are especially touchy about the cold. Let’s build some protection around them!”


1. “Burlap Screens are an effective way to keep the snow at bay!”

– Ask friends for item Burlap Screens you need 8 pieces

2. “This squirrel certainly looks ready for winter!”

– Harvest Fat Scarf Squirrel

Tip: Place and harvest the Fat Scarf Squirrel in the Wildlife Habitat.

3. “Cotton is great for making many warm things for animals. Let’s harvest some!”

– Harvest 250 Cotton


Farmville Winter Badger Reward 31 Capped Black Bear, 300 xp, 2500 farmville coins


Farmville A Crisp December Quests 4 to 9

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