Holiday Tree Quest 4-6


FarmVille: Holiday Tree Quests

– last three mission of the Farmville’s Holiday Tree Quest

Farmville Holiday Tree Quest IV: Gift Boxes

– “Of course, the main staples of the holidays include giving and receiving gifts!”


1. Let’s ask your friends to send us some boxes. It’s the first step to handing out gifts!

Get 8 Gift Boxes

2. Our new friend is looking a bit scruffy. Let’s help them out.

Harvest 1 Mini Elf Goat

3. These flowers are a great harbinger of the holidays!

Harvest 300 Golden Poinsettias

Rewards: 1 Festive Alpaca, 100 xp, 2500 farmville coins


Farmville Holiday Tree Quest V: Season’s Greetings

– “No present is complete without a special message from the sender to the recipient.”


1. Ask your friends to help by sending us tags to attach to the presents.

Get 8 Gift Tags

2. The Zoo animals have been pretty active with all of this holiday buzz around. Time to clean up!

Harvest a Zoo 3 Times

3. No, those aren’t for presents. They’re for us!

Harvest 350 Vegetable Crop

Rewards: 1 Holiday Turkey, 100 xp, 2500 farmville coins



Farmville Holiday Tree Quest VI: Put a Bow on It!

– “The last thing we need to do before sending presents is to make them pretty!


1. Ask your friends to send us some Fancy Bows!

Get 10 Fancy Bows

2. Let’s get this one as sharp as possible for the holidays.

Harvest 2 Holiday Alpacas

3. Maybe we should send some of these flowers with your presents!

Harvest 400 Golden Poinsettias

Rewards: 1 Cupid Reindeer, 100 xp, 2500 farmville coins


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