Sweater Quest Part 5 to 9


Farmville Sweater Quest Guide

– Every one will get a sweater in the new Farmville mission the Sweater Quest. It’s one of the way to keep your animals warm for the cold season. Among the last five part task are to get sweaters for your cows and horse rugs for your horses. Pet bed, heat lamp and insulated boots to make sure they are warm from the cold of winter season.


Sweater Quest V: A Sweater for Your Thoughts

– “These are going to be the biggest sweaters I’ve ever seen. We should make sure they look good!”


1. “People tell me they don’t like these sweaters. I bet the cows will love them.”

– Ask friends for 6 Cow Sweaters

2. Harvest 1 Cow Pasture

3. “Some of these cows look like they’d like some spinach. Let’s not disappoint them!”

Harvest 150 Spinach


farmville sweater cow1 Sweater Cow, 750 xp, 2500 farmville coins


Sweater Quest VI: Rug-a Rug Rug

– “Horse rugs keep the horse nice and cozy in winter. I wonder why they call them rugs though.”


1. “These horse rugs look great! Not as great as those sweaters though!”

– Ask friends for 6 Horse Rugs

2. “The cows keep asking for different sweaters. I don’t know why though.”

– Harvest Sweater Cow Twice

3. “We’ve worked hard! Let’s harvest this peppermint and have a nice cup of tea!”

– Harvest 150 Peppermint


farmville winter rug horse1 Winter Rug Horse, 1000 xp, 2500 farmville coins


Sweater Quest VII: Keep the Light On

– “You can use the heat lamps to warm up the places that get to cold, but only if you have enough bulbs. Don’t run out!”


1. “These will help keep everyone warm and cozy!”

– Ask friends for Heat Lamps

2. Harvest Winter Rug Horse Twice

3. “Keep tilling the dirt to prevent ice from forming in your field.”

– Harvest 300 Pumpkins


farmville snowed in house1 Snowed-In House, 1000 xp, 5500 farmville coins


Sweater Quest VIII: Warm Best Friend

– “Watch out for your pets as well your farm animals!”


1. “These will keep your best friends toasty!”

– Ask friends for 9 Warm Pet Beds

2. Harvest Sweater Penguin Twice

3. “Strawberries are almost more delicious when they’re frozen.”

– Harvest 600 Strawberries


farmville frozen autumnpond1 Frozen Autumn Pond, 1000 xp, 6000 farmville coins


Sweater Quest IX: Take Care

– “While you’re making your animals warm, don’t forget to wear your own winter gear!”


1. “Protect your hands with a good pair of boots.”

– Ask friends for 10 Pairs of Insulated Boots

2. “Looks like you’ve really got a friend in this penguin.”

– Master Sweater Penguin 1-Star

3. “Frozen Cranberries could be nice on top of some desserts.”

– Harvest 400 Cranberries


farmville snowboard gnome1 Snowboard Gnome, 1500 xp, 6500 farmville coins


Farmville Sweater Quest complete

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