Tree of Life Feature Guide


Coming soon in FarmVille The Tree of Life feature. Players will be building the Tree of Life by collecting and requesting parts from friends. The further a players goes when building the Tree of Life the more Floating Flower seeds a player can get. It will have six building stages and will require the following items Life Essence, Magic Bubble and Puffy Cloud.



Parts needed for the Tree of Life:


Life Essence, Magic Bubble and Puffy Cloud


Sample of crop that can be harvested from the Tree of Life:

Floating Flower


Initial Stage

 Stage 1:

Life Essence x6, Magic Bubbles  x6, Puffy Clouds x9


Stage 2:

Life Essence x8, Magic Bubbles  x8, Puffy Clouds x12


  Stage 3:

Life Essence x10, Magic Bubbles  x10, Puffy Clouds x15


Stage 4:

Life Essence x12, Magic Bubbles  x12, Puffy Clouds x18


 Stage 5:

Life Essence x14, Magic Bubbles  x14, Puffy Clouds x21


 Stage 6:

Life Essence x16, Magic Bubbles  x16, Puffy Clouds x24

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