FarmVille Vegas Honeymoon Quests


Join Mac and Londa in FarmVille Vegas Honeymoon Quests. After their much anticipated wedding they decide to have one last adventure. They are planning to go to Vegas and they are asking our help so that they can prepare ahead for the trip.

On this FarmVille Quest, we will be mastering the Reverse Cow to 1 star and just a reminder that this can be accomplished easily if you have multiple Cow Pasture. There’s also several crafting tasks at the Dairy like the Strawberry Ice Cream, Chocolate Kefir, Vanilla MIlkshake and Yogurt. Note: Expected to be release Thursday, March 20.

FarmVille Vegas Honeymoon Quests


Vegas Honeymoon! Quests 1: FarmVille Vegas, Baby!


Ask friends for 7 Lucky Dice (request for Lucky Dice)

Harvest 60 Canning Peaches (skip 10)
Info: 1 day to grow and harvest.

Make 1 Strawberry Ice Cream (skip 15)
Info: Crafted for 24 hours at the Dairy and it will need Cream x1, Strawberry Milkshake x1 and Strawberry x2.


Vegas, Baby! Quest Reward1 Munchkin Duck, 125 xp, 2500 coins


Vegas Honeymoon! Quests 2: FarmVille The Future’s So Bright


Ask friends for 8 Rock Star Sunglasses (request for Rock Star Sunglasses)

Harvest 90 Sunburst Orchid (skip 10)
Info: 12 hours to grow and harvest.

Harvest Munchkin Duck 2 Times (skip 15)
Info: Place and harvest the Munchkin Duck at the Aviary or Duck Pond. (1 day harvest)


The Future's So Bright quest RewardRockstar Gnome, 150 xp, 3000 coins


Vegas Honeymoon! Quests 3: FarmVille Brushing Up


Ask friends for 9 Playing Cards (request for Playing Cards)

Harvest 120 Elephant Peanut (skip 10)
Info: 16 hours to grow and harvest.

Make 1 Chocolate Kefir (skip 15)
Info: Crafted for 16 hours at the Dairy and it will need Kefir x2 and Cocoa x2.


1 Super Fertilizer, 175 xp, 3500 coins


Vegas Honeymoon! Quests 4: FarmVille Party Shoes


Ask friends for 10 Party Shoes (request for Party Shoes)

Harvest 150 Lavender Lily (skip 10)
Info: 12 hours to grow and harvest.

Make 2 Vanilla Milkshake (skip 15)
Info: Crafted for 12 hours at the Dairy and it will need Cream x2 and Vanilla x2.


Party Shoes Quest RewardEmerald Ribbon Tree, 200 xp, 4000 coins


Vegas Honeymoon! Quests 5: FarmVille Baby It’s Hot Outside


Ask friends for 10 Summer Clothes (request for Summer Clothes)

Harvest 180 Bell Pepper (skip 10)
Info: 2 days to grow and harvest.

Make 3 Hoof Picks (skip 15)
Info: Crafted for 10 min at the Elite Horse and it will need Grooming Kit x3.


 Baby It's Hot Outside quest Reward1 Reverse Belted Cow, 225 xp, 4500 coins


Vegas Honeymoon! Quests 6: FarmVille Cleaning Up Nice


Ask friends for 11 Fancy Clothes (request for Fancy Clothes)

Harvest 180 Dynamite Pepper (skip 10)
Info: 15 hours to grow and harvest.

Harvest Reverse Belted Cow 2 Times (skip 15)
Info: Place and harvest the Reverse Belted Cow at the Cow Pasture. (1 day harvest)


Cleaning Up Nice Quest Reward1 Book of XP, 250 xp, 5000 coinx


Vegas Honeymoon! Quests 7: FarmVille Showtime


Ask friends for 12 Show Tickets (request for Show Tickets)

Harvest 200 Cabbages (skip 10)
Info: 2 days to grow and harvest.

Craft 2 Farmer’s Frenzy Perfume (skip 15)
Info: Crafted at a level 5 SPA and it will need Ginger Bushel x2, Lavender Bushel x1, Lilac Bushel x2 and Purple Poppy Bushel x2.


Showtime Quest RewardMooonicorn, 275 xp, 5500 coins


Vegas Honeymoon! Quests 8: FarmVille Table for Two


Ask friends for 13 Dinner Reservations (request for Dinner Reservations)

Harvest 220 Broccoli (skip 10)
Info: 2 days to grow and harvest.

Master Reverse Belted Cow to 1 Star (skip 15)
Info: Must be harvested 5 times to achieve level 1 star Mastery.


Table for Two Quest Reward3 packs of Turbo Charger, 300 xp, 6000 coins


Vegas Honeymoon! Quests 9: FarmVille Bon Voyage!


Ask friends for 14 Best Wishes (request for Best Wishes)

Harvest 240 Popcorn (skip 10)
Info: 1 days to grow and harvest.

Make 3 Yogurt (skip 15)
Info: Crafted at the Dairy’s Creamer and it will need Milk x1 and Culture x1.


Bon Voyage! Quest RewardMoon Magic Pegacorn,  325 xp, 6500 coins

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