Winter Wonderland Chapter 3 Bonus Quest


FarmVille: Winter Wonderland Chapter 3 Bonus Challenge

– We finished the Farmville Winter Wonderland Chapter 3 regular missions now we have the choice of doing the bonus challenge. The bonus quest is not a must, you can always skip this part but if you have spare time and always up for another challenge the rewards is worthy enough to finish this part. It has 3 bonus challenge and each task would be about taking a break after the busy work that we did preparing the gifts for the Big Guy. That’s right taking a rest!


Winter Wonderland Chapter 3, Bonus Quest 1: Take a Holiday

– “I bet you’re tired after those hard work. Why don’t we do some relaxing activities!”


1. “A few Roasted Chestnuts will be the perfect snack after so much work.”

– Ask friends for 10 Roasted Chestnuts

2. “Studies show that petting the Polar Hare is one of the most relaxing activities possible!”

– Harvest 1 Polar Hare 

3. “Running out of space can be very stressful. Let’s make sure there’s plenty of room.”

– Expand Winter Animal Pen


farmville wonderland bonus 1 reward1 Open Fire, 500 xp, 5000 farmville coins


Winter Wonderland Chapter 3, Bonus Quest 2: Winter Break

– “Relaxing is what elves love best!”


1. “Eggnog is the best holiday treat there is. Let’s get a few cartons to share!”

– Ask friends for 10 Glasses of Eggnog

2. “I bet some Candy Cane would go great with the Eggnog.”

– Craft Candy Cane 4 Times

3. “There’s so much to learn about all the winter animals!”

– Master Polar Hare to Level 1 (Polar Hare has 4 days harvest cycle, you can place it in you Pen either in LC,WW or regular farm)


farmville wonderland bonus 2 reward1 Christmas Goose, 500 xp, 5000 farmville coins


Winter Wonderland Chapter 3, Bonus Quest 3: Milk and Cookies

– “Hmmm, I wonder what helps the Big Guy relax after a long night of deliveries.”


1. “I can’t even imagine having cookies without a nice glass of milk.”

– Ask friends for 6 Glasses of Milk

2. “Something tells me that Mr. Claus would like a few cookies when he gets back!”

– Ask friends for 6 Winter Cookies

3. “The Boss loves Holly. Let’s plant as much as we can before he comes back!”

– Master Holly to Level 1


farmville wonderland bonus 3 reward1 Winter Fairies, 1000 xp, 10000 farmville coins


You’ve just finished the Farmville Winter Wonderland Chapter 3 Bonus Quest!

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