Winter Wonderland Quest Chapter 3


FarmVille: Winter Wonderland Quest Chapter 3

– After the prologue quest and the farmville quest Winter Wonderland Chapter 2, we now gonna move to Chapter 3 of Farmville’s Winter Wonderland Quest. And for this quest series we will finally meet the Jolly Big Guy in a red and white  suit and he is coming, Yes it’s Santa! We will help Santa with his gift giving and we gonna help make this year winter wonderland quest the best ever! This years farmville quest winter wonderland chapter 3 will have 9 regular quests and 3 bonus challenges. Let’s start questing…..

farmville big guy is coming quest

FarmVille Winter Wonderland Chapter 3, Quest 1: To Green or not to Green

-“Lets add some color with a little greenery. The Big Guy always says you can’t have too much Green. I guess that explain the uniforms.”


1. “I’m sure the Big Guy will be impressed if we hang up a few wreaths!”

– Ask friends for 6 Wreaths

2. “We need Iced Rice for the recipe I want to make in the Sweet Shoppe.”

– Harvest 70 Iced Rice

3. “The Big Guy has wanted a Winter Horse Paddock for years!”

– Harvest 1 Winter Horse Paddock


Sad Christmas Tree1 Sad Christmas Tree, 100 xp, 2500 fv coins


FarmVille Winter Wonderland Chapter 3, Quest 2: Let There be Light

– “I sure hope the Big Guy hasn’t gotten lost. I guess there’s only one thing we can do… More decorating! Yay!


1. “Maybe these lights will help the Big Guy find us, and they look pretty stylish too.”

– Ask friends for 6 Strings of Lights 

2. “If you plant a lot of these, it might look like a little ginger village!”

– Harvest 70 Gingerbread

3. “After all this work you should get a treat. Let’s make ginger Smores!”

– Make Ginger Smores Twice


Farmville Winter Wonderland Quest21 Holiday Beagle, 200 xp, 2500 farmville coins


FarmVille Winter Wonderland Chapter 3, Quest 3: Snow Big Deal

– “You’ve done an amazing job decorating Winter Wonderland. There are only few things left to do before this place looks magical.”


1. “You’ve collected a lot of decorations. all we’re missing are some stockings to hang up!”

– Ask friends for 6 Stockings

2. “We can’t have sweets 24/7. Every once in a while we need healthy food.”

– Harvest 70 Iced Rice

3. “The Train is always bringing in something nice!”

– Harvest the Polar Train Station


Plastic Duck1 Plastic Duck, 300 xp, 2500 farmville cash


FarmVille Winter Wonderland Chapter 3, Quest 4: Stocking Stuffers

– “Kid’s love stockings, but i don’t have anything to put in them. Let’s get some goodies to stuff those stockings”


1. “A jack in the box is a great present for boys and girls.”

– Ask friends for Jack in the Boxes

2. “A few Red Iceberries will make a delicious magical stocking stuffer.”

– Get 70 Red Iceberries

3. “I’m really hungry from my trip. Can you make me a Peanut Brittle snack?”

– Craft Peanut Brittle Twice


Reindeer Pig1 Reindeer Pig, 400 xp, 2500 farmville coins


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