Fountain of Youth in FarmVille Fields of El Dorado


The Fields of El Dorado’s Fountain of Youth is a building designed to transform the items that are given as reward for finishing a stage of the Hidden Palace into it’s other appearance. Yes it will be similar to the Tree of Love or Ancient Willow Spirit. As of now there are a total of 9 items which are all can be obtain just by upgrading the Hidden Palace. We can expect additional items soon when Fields of El Dorado opens officially opens January 6.


Fountain of Youth



Tribal Catamount -> Tribal Catamount Cub

Tribal Catamount



Legendary Egret -> Fledgling Legendary Egret

Legendary Egret



Gold Banded Armadillo -> Gold Banded Armadillo Pup

Gold Banded Armadillo



Yacare Dragon -> Yacare Hatchling

Yacare Dragon



Legendary Rhea -> Fledgling Legendary Rhea

Legendary Rhea



Silver Marmoset Monkey -> Silvery Marmoset Baby

Silver Marmoset Monkey



Long Feathered Horse -> Long Feathered Foal

Long Feathered Horse



Saddle Llama -> Saddle Llama Cria

Saddle Llama



Penacho Pegacorn -> Penacho Pegacorn Foal

Penacho Pegacorn

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