FarmVille Beat Jade Falls


Test your might to become the Jade Falls Master on this special mission the FarmVille Beat Jade Falls Quests and upon completion of all the tasks a Beat Jade Falls Trophy are on hand as a reward plus a free cross-world shipping license from Jade Falls to Home farm. This will have a series of difficult tasks from Master Lu and Master Motto that includes earning a 3 star mastery on 20 crops. This maybe difficult but the final reward is way more better than the HP Quest 10. Good Luck!

FarmVille Beat Jade Falls Task List:

Quest 1:

Improve Mountain Palace to level 10


2000 zen


Quest 2:

Improve Imperial Shipyard to level 10


3000 zen


Quest 3:

Master Sticky Rice to level 3

Master Azuki to level 3

Master Grouper to level 3

Master Sichuan Pepper to level 3

Master Chinese Daikon to level 3

Master Imperial Tea to level 3

Master Chinese Cotton to level 3

Master Prawns to level 3

Master White Cloud Tea to level 3

Master Rock Cod to level 3

Master Bok Choy to level 3

Master Lowland Ginger to level 3

Master Water Cress to level 3

Master Horseradish to level 3

Master Ramen to level 3

Master Green Onion to level 3

Master Imperial Rice to level 3

Master Sesame to level 3

Master Lemongrass to level 3

Master Brown Rice to level 3


Turbo Charger


Quest 4:

Improve the Tea Garden to level 5


Instant Grow


Special Bonus Prize:

Beat Jade Falls Trophy

Jade Falls Shipping License

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