FarmVille Item Released 12/18/2011

FarmVille Winter Limited Edition Items

– released 12-18-2011

-Here are a list of FarnVille’s winter limited edition items that is currently available in the market for a period of time. Grab one now and feel the spirit of Holiday gently flowing in to your farmville farm. Currently on this released the best seller is the Holiday Wreath Pony.



 Frasier Fir Tree  Giant Frasier Fir Tree
 Frasier Fir Tree  Giant Frasier Fir Tree


 Mistletoe Tree  Ornament Tree



 Holiday Wreath Pony  Present Sheep


Mistletoe Boar Peppermint Ram


 Elf Chicken Giant Elf Chicken


Jacobs Sheep



 Holiday Lighthouse



 Holiday Foot Bridge FV Ornament 2011



 Gingerbread Man

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