FarmVille Item Released 12/21/2011


FarmVille: New Limited Edition Item (released 12/21/2011)

Here are the list of the latest limited edition FarmVille items:


FarmVille Winter Limited Edition Items




frozen apple tree giant frozen apple tree
 Frozen Apple Tree  Big Frozen Apple Tree
holiday lantern tree big holiday tree
Holiday Lantern Tree Big Holiday Lantern





tinsel horse golden bell pony
Tinsel Horse Golden Bell Pony
big golden bell pony mistletoe ram
Big Golden Bell Pony Mistletoe Ram
mistletoe goat spotted qoull
Mistletoe Goat Spotted Quoll
candy cane cow
Candy Cane Cow




north pole palace
North Pole Palace




present gnome polar bear cave
Present Gnome Polar Bear Cave
north polar arch
North Polar Arch

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