FarmVille Limited Edition Items Release for August 10, 2014


A new set of limited edition items was released today and now available at the market. The set is called FarmVille “Over the Rainbow” and it will feature 6 new trees, 4 new animals and decorations. If you are a collector of fantasy theme items or colorful things this set will be a nice addition to your collection.

Ove the Rainbow


Richie Rich Tree filler Cloud Umbrella Tree
Richie Rich Tree Cloud Umbrella Tree
Sparkly Burrow Tree filler Humming Tree
Sparkly Burrow Tree Humming Tree
Braided Tree filler Stairway to Heaven Tree
Braided Tree Stairway to Heaven Tree




Spectral Pegacorn filler Halo Deer
Spectral Pegacorn Halo Deer
Rainbow Unicat filler Bolt Lion
Rainbow Unicat Bolt Lion




Entranced Paraglide filler Cloud Dive Coaster
Entranced Paraglide Cloud Dive Coaster
Grand Melodic Piano filler Over the Glen
Grand Melodic Piano Over the Glen

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