FarmVille Limited Edition Items Release for July 9, 2014


FarmVille has just released to day a new set of limited edition items featuring Beach Party 2014. This new set of items is now available and you can now start decorating your farm with a beach party theme. These will be available from July 9 to July 23, 2014.


 FarmVille Beach Party 2014


Hoola Hoop Giraffe filler Iced Tea Horse
Hoola Hoop Giraffe Iced Tea Horse
Purrrty Cat filler Water Skiing Tiger
Purrrty Cat Water Skiing Tiger
Chimparty filler




Party This Way Tree filler Party Lights Tree
Party This Way Tree Party Lights Tree
Good Times Tree filler Coral Tree
Good Times Tree Coral Tree
Boom Box Tree filler Beach Party Tree
Boom Box Tree Beach Party Tree




Party Moat VI filler Party Moat V
Party Moat VI Party Moat V
Party Moat IV filler Party Moat III
Party Moat IV Party Moat III
Party Moat II filler Party Moat
Party Moat II Party Moat
Party Light House filler Party Directions Board
Party Light House Party Directions Board
Neon Painted Fence filler Groovy Seagulls
Neon Painted Fence Groovy Seagulls
Beach Umbrella filler Sunbathing Penguin
Beach Umbrella Sunbathing Penguin

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