FarmVille Limited Edition Items Release for May 4, 2014


FarmVille has just release today a new set of limited edition items featuring Birthstones & Flowers. Grab this collectible it6ems and decorate your farm with items such as Diamond Daisy Patch, Gnomette Mermaid and Aquarian Waterfall. Raise new animals like Taurian Bull, Cancerian Horse and more. The Birthstones & Flowers Set will be available from May 4 until May 18, 2014.

 Birthstones & Flowers


Amethyst Wisternia Tree" gapfiller Mystical Aquamarine Tree
Amethyst Wisternia Tree Mystical Aquamarine Tree



Emerald Willow Tree gapfiller Ruby Rose Tree
Emerald Willow Tree Ruby Rose Tree



Sapphire Butterflies Tree gapfiller Zircon Blooms Tree
Sapphire Butterflies Tree  Zircon Blooms Tree




Taurian Bull gapfiller Cancerian Horse
Taurian Bull Cancerian Horse



Gemini Dream Deer gapfiller Aries Ram
Gemini Dream Deer Aries Ram



Bejeweled Peacock gapfiller
Bejeweled Peacock




Aquarian Waterfall gapfiller Diamond Daisy Flower Patch
Aquarian Waterfall Diamond Daisy Flower Patch



Gnomette Mermaid gapfiller
Gnomette Mermaid


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