FarmVille Limited Edition Items Release for September 28, 2014


Here’s the latest FarmVille limited edition items that was released today Sept 28, 2014. It features a theme called Victorian Steampunk. This news set will have new farm animals, trees and decorations that are designed inspired by Victorian Steampunk. The set will only be available for a period of time.


Victorian Steampunk LE Items


Clunky Elephant filler Heavy Mechanics Tiger
Clunky Elephant Heavy Mechanics Tiger
Steampunk Grizzly Bear filler Metal Cast Monkey
Steampunk Grizzly Bear Metal Cast Monkey
Magnificent Pegacorn
Magnificent Pegacorn




Gear Dial Tree filler Frills On Metal Tree
Gear Dial Tree Frills On Metal Tree
Clunky Tree filler Pendant Memories Tree
Clunky Tree Pendant Memories Tree
Romantic Bouquet Tree filler Breezy Steampunk Tree
Romantic Bouquet Tree  Breezy Steampunk Tree




Coffee Bar filler Steampunk Engine
Coffee Bar Steampunk Engine
Divine Gnomette Statue filler Passenger Gnome
Divine Gnomette Statue Passenger Gnome
Gargoyle Fountain filler Mademoiselle Gnomette
Gargoyle Fountain Mademoiselle Gnomette



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