FarmVille Water Park Theme LE Item Release


Here are some of FarmVille’s Water Park Themed limited edition items that are inline for release this July. Some are unreleased and the rest are now currently available in the Market.



Snorkel Duck              Inner Tube Horse


Beach Ball Pig             Snorkel Mini Horse


Diver Sheep                 Inner Tube Giraffe




Boogie Board Tree       Inner Tube Tree


Giant Ice Shave Tree     Goggle Tree


Water Slide Tree           Giant Water Slide Tree

Flipper Tree




Wet Bar                          Giant Water Slide


Ice Cream Truck           Gnome Popsicle


Life Guard Sheep           Pool Shark


Lazy River Moat 1          Lazy River Moat 2


Lazy River Moat 3          Lazy River Moat 4


Lazy River Moat 5           Lazy River Moat 6

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