Limited Items and Game Prizes For This Week 01/21/2013


Farmville has just release today’s limited edition items featuring Metallic theme items. Today’s set of release includes Metallic Animals, Metallic Decorations and Trees. These will only be available for a period of time so if you are collector you can add this group of metallic theme items with your collection. Also there’s a new set of prizes that can be won in Mystery Dart game. We have listed the possible items that you can win.

Mystery Game Prizes

Raffle Booth Draw Prizes


Silver Bangles Tree

Metallic Swirl Tree Tree

Gold Rose Tree

Gold Chain Tree

Giant Gold Chain Tree



Silver Hedge

Metal Flower Patch

Chrome Gnome

Fort Knox Barn



Winged Golden Lion

Titanium Tiger

Silver-Gold Cow

Precious Metals Pegacorn

Metallic Rainbow Sheep

Gold Rose Unicorn

Mystery Game Prizes —->

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