Limited Items and Game Prizes For This Week 01/28/2013


Here are the latest release of Limited Edition Items for this week (Jan 28). Hearts are the FarmVille Limited Edition item theme for this week release and there will be some cute adorable and lovable Valentine theme items you can find in the Market where you can buy it with FV Cash for a limited period of time. Also we posted the prizes that players can be won in the Mystery Games. Just a reminder you’ll need a Mystery dart to play. We also included this weeks Raffle Booth Prizes.

Mystery Game Prizes (Jan 28 – April 2)

Raffle Booth Prizes (Jan 28)



Tie-Dye Heart Tree – 8 fv cash

Swirl Heart Tree – 12 fv cash

Stitched Heart Tree – 6 fv cash

Roses and Hearts Tree – 14 fv cash

Crystal Heart Tree – 8 fv cash

Clockwork Heart Tree – 14 fv cash



Lace Heart Unicorn – 30 fv cash

Heart Wings Pegacorn – 30 fv cash

Heart Print Leopard Cub – 15 fv cash

Heart Ear Elephant – 18 fv cash

Heart Antler Deer – 15 fv cash

Beating Heart Dragon – 20 fv cash


Building and Decorations:

Roses & Card Flower Stand – 100,000 coins

Rose Quartz Heart Fountain – 12 fv cash

Queen of Hearts Gnome – 12 fv cash

Paper Heart Flower Hedge – 50,000 cash

Love Tower – 15 fv cash

Hearts Water Tower – 5 fv cash

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