Limited Items and Game Prizes For This Week 02/11/2013


Mardi Gras continues this week on FarmVille Limited Edition items. A new set of Mardi Gras items has just been made available at the market so check them out now and get some to add into your collection. Or if you’re planning to start one this theme set will be a good starter set. Remember this will only be available for a limited time. Also included on this post are the prizes that you might get when playing the Mystery game. There are seven new rare items that you can win if you consume a Mystery dart.

This week Mystery Game Prizes:

This week Raffle Booth Draw Prizes:



Mardi Gras Dog

Mardi Gras Dragon

Mardi Gras Mini Horse

Tuxedo Ball Horse

Masquerade Pegacorn

Beignet Sheep



Riverboat Tree

Doubloons Tree

Giant King Cake Tree

King Cake Tree

Jester Tree


Buildings and Decorations:

Mardi Gras Bandstand

Stilts Gnome

Glowing Mardi Gras Ice Sculpture

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