Limited Items and Game Prizes For This Week 02/18/2013


FarmVille Valentine’s Day Limited Edition Items release continues this week. A new set of Valentine theme items has just been release and now available for a limited time only. Check out for these items now available for purchase till Feb 25. Prizes for Mystery Game are also been updated. You can get this new set of items exclusively by only playing and winning it in Mystery game.

FarmVille Mystery Game Prizes 02/18 to 02/25

Farmville Raffle Booth Draw Prizes 02/18


Hearts & Stars Tree, 14

XOXO Tree, 6

Silk Diamond Tree, 14

Chocolate Rose Tree, 8

Teddy Basket Tree, 8

Love Sundae Tree, 12



Cuddling Kittens, 15

Teddy Bear Pegacorn, 30

V-Hoody Pegasus, 30

Cuddling Puppies, 15

Teddy Sheep, 16

Bouquet Unicorn, 30


Buildings and Decorations:

Love Castle, 15

Valentine Cards Deco, 100000

Heart Machine, 5

Chocoholic Chipmunk, 5

Pink Heartcloud, 5


Mystery Game Prizes for 02/18 to 02/25

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