Limited Items and Game Prizes For This Week 02/25/2013


With the award season in mind FarmVille releases a new set of limited edition items with Hollywood theme. Players can now purchase and collect this Hollywood items and will only be available for a limited period of time from the market. Also on this post are the Mystery game Prizes for these week. The Raffle Booth prizes are still unchanged for this week.

Mystery Game Prizes Feb 25 to Mar 4

FarmVille Hollywood Limited Edition Items:


Award Tree14

Film Reel Tree8

Bombshell Tree12

Hollywood Sign Tree12

Paparazzi Tree6



Comic Duck16

Vaudeville Horse26

Pilot Llama14

Bombshell Pegacorn30

Comic Pig16


Buildings and Decorations:

Director’s Setup7

Comedy Gnome12

FarmVille Theater15

Red Carpet Path7

FV Water Tower10

Mystery Game prizes for this week –>

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