Limited Items and Game Prizes For This Week 03/04/2013


Romeo and Juliet has just arrived in FamVille Shakespeare limited edition items! This may only be the chance to collect this set easily by purchasing it from the market. These limited edition items will only be available for a period of two weeks. We also have the current list of prizes that can be won in the Mystery Game. Mystery Game prizes consumes one Mystery dart to play and the current prizes will be St Patrick theme items.

Mystery Game Prizes:


Drama Mask Tree

Quill Pen & Parchment Tree

Romeo Hat Tree

Apothecary Jars Tree



Juliet Pegacorn

Romeo Unicorn

Corsetted Cow

Hamlet Pig

Shakespeare Sheep


Decorations and Buildings:

Manuscripts Duck

Puck Gnome

Shakespeare’s Garden

Puck’s Treestump

Mystery Game Prizes –>

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