Limited Items and Game Prizes For This Week 03/25/2013


Farmville limited edition items for this week! This week theme is Modern Art and there will be item release that have a somewhat connection to artist. These items are available only for a limited time. We also listed the possible prizes in the FarmVille Mystery game. For this week prizes will be Prehistoric Animals.

Mystery Game Prizes



Escher Stair Tree, 6

Mobile Tree, 12

Pop Art Tree, 12

Can of Soup Tree, 6

Paint Brushes Tree, 8



Picasso Cow, 20

Escher Pattern Horse, 26

Balloon Dog, 12

Andy Warthog, 12

Picasso Blue Unicorn, 30


Building and Decorations:

Late Night Diner, 7

Sculpture Fountain, 10

Wrapped Barn, 15


Mystery Game Prizes –>

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