Limited Items and Game Prizes For This Week 04/01/2013


FarmVille Limited Editon Items for this week April 1 will have items that has a Pranks theme. Enjoy and collect this current limited edition items which can be bought from the market for a limited period of time. Also included on this post are this weeks FarmVille Mystery game prizes which are Spring theme related items.

Mystery Game Prizes



Snake Can Tree

Card Trick Tree

House of Cards Tree

Whoopie Cushion Tree

Squirting Flower Tree

X-Ray Tree



Rubber Chicken

Squirting Flower Hyena

Slinky Eyes Goat

Banana Peel Pegacorn

Magician’s Assistant Mare


Buildings and Decorations:

Disappearing Ink Fountain

Fun House Mirror Gnome

Joke Shop

FarmVille Mystery Game Prizes –>

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