Limited Items and Game Prizes For This Week 04/29/2013


FarmVille Alps Limited Edition items has just been made available for purchase for this week. The new set of limited edition items will feature Alps theme items. Notably for this release is a number of limited edition Trees. There are a total of six of them. Also included on this post are the prizes for this weeks Mystery Game.



Mountain Sunrise Tree, 8

Swiss Chocolate Tree, 14

Rock Jasmine Tree, 8

Glacier Buttercup Tree, 14

Stemless Gentian Tree, 6

Dwarf Orchid Tree, 12



Heidi Horse, 26

Rappelling Sheep, 16

Von Trapp Ewe, 16

Baby Roe Deer, 14

Brown Hare, 14


Buildings and Decorations:

Mountain Tavern, 34

Majestic Fountain, 22

German Gnome, 18


Mystery Game Prizes for this week —>

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