Limited Items and Game Prizes For This Week 07/08/2013


Check out the FarmVille Market for these latest release of new limited edition items featuring Milky Way theme. This is the second batch of the Milky Way theme. This will be a new set so if you bought the set of the first batch this will complete it’s set. If you are planning to be a collector this will be a nice starting set. Also included on this post are the prizes for the Mystery Game.

Mystery Game Prizes for the week (July 08)





Supernova Tree

Shooting Star Tree

Neutron Star Tree

Meteror Shower Tree

Colliding Galaxy Tree

Cartwheel Galaxy Tree



Stardust Pig

Shooting Star Stallion

Over the Moo-n Cow

Milky Way Dragon

Cosmic Peacock



Nebula Gnome

Milky Way Fence

Galactic Gazebo


Mystery Game Prizes —>

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