Treasures Limited Edition Items in FarmVille Release


A new set of limited edition items is currently making it’s way out to the FarmVille market. The FarmVille Limited Edition items “Treasures” set will be available for a period of time for purchase with FV cash. The collectible rare items will be related to Treasure theme subject such as pirates, treasure chest and ships. Here are the list of the released items:


Buried Treasure Tree – 14

Gold Pearl & Jade Palm – 8

Piles of Riches Tree – 6

Sparkling Ruby Ring Tree – 14

Silver & Jewels Tree – 12

Message in a Bottle Tree – 8



Jewel Encrusted Horse – 26

Lapiz Lazuli Lemur – 12

Ornate Ostritch – 12

Golden Eyepatch Sheep – 16

Pirate Ship Whale – 18


Buildings and Decorations:

Piglet Treasure Chest – 10

Pirate’s Compass – 100,000

Pirate’s Lighthouse15

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