FarmVille Beat Mistletoe Lane Quests


Complete the most difficult tasks in Mistletoe Lane and become the Mistletoe Lane Seasons Joy in FarmVille Beat Mistletoe lane Quests. It’s time again to get free Mistletoe lane shipping license just by finishing all the 4 Mistletoe lane quest stages. Players will just have to expand the Town Square and improve the Patisserie, master 24 Mistletoe lane crops, and crafting the highest level monster in the Animal Workshop. So far there is no time duration for this mission so players can do the missions on their pace. Note: This is a FarmVille soon to be released quests.  The FarmVille Beat the Holiday Town is now ongoing.

Beat Mistletoe lane Quest 1: Improve the Town Square to Level 8


Insta Grow


Beat Mistletoe lane Quest 2: Achieve level 3 mastery with the following crops:


  • Choco Mint = 16 hours
  • Cider Apple = 16 hours
  • Flint Corn = 1 day
  • Frost Holly = 2 days
  • Holiday Cactus = 1 day
  • Holiday Poinsettia = 3 days
  • Hollowberry = 3.174 days

  • Honey Ginger = 8 hours
  • Jingle Berry = 4 hours
  • Light Orchid = 8 hours
  • Potatornament = 12 hours
  • Rudolf Radish = 2 days
  • Wax Beans = 16 hours
  • White Cranberry = 12 hours
  • Winter Grain = 1 day
  • Winter Squash = 2 days


4,000 Cheer Points


Beat Mistletoe lane Quest 3: Build your Patisseries Shop to level 5


2,000 Cheer Points


Beat Mistletoe lane Quest 4: Get The Highest Level Animal In The Workshop

– Unlock and make the Eugene Unicorn in Animal Workshop

– To make a Eugene Unicorn it will need 6x Purple Animal Spirit, 8x Yellow Animal Spirit, 6x Pink Animal Spirit, 10x Blue Animal Spirit, 8x Green Animal Spirit.


Pack of Turbo Charger


Bonus Prize for Completing all the Beat Mistletoe lane Quests:

Beat Mistletoe Lane Trophy

Mistletoe Lane Shipping License

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