Mystery game and Raffle Booth Prizes Oct 1 – 10


Check out some of theinfo on the prizes that you may win on FarmVille Mystery Game and Raffle Booth. These are for this week (10/1 to 10/8) and the rewards theme will be Halloween Animals for the Mystery Game. Usually players earn 1 Free Dart for the Mystery Game while for the Raffle Booth players have to ask friends for raffle tickets and may also earn a ticket by clicking on friends feed.


Mystery Game: Halloween Animals

Nightmare Bear               Nightmare Rex


Ghost Rabbit                 Skeleton Dog

Nightmare Rex                     Nightmare Bear


Bonus Prize: Flame Owl





Raffle Booth Prizes for October 1


Unwither x5               Mystery Dart x1


Animal Feed x5                    Arborist x3

Special Delivery Box

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