Animal Spa in FarmVille Feature Buildings


Harvest some Spa Daisy Seed Packages in FarmVille new feature building the Animal Spa. Players will be building the new the Animal Spa with parts from your friends. After completing in it can be upgraded to several stages and the further stages of construction goes the more chances of getting seed packets. You can also harvest your neighbors Animal Spa  for Spa Daisy Seed Packages.


FarmVille Animal Spa



FarmVille Animal Spa


Parts  Spa Towel Salt Water
Animal Spa Initial Built
Stage 1 6 6 9
Stage 2 8 8 12
Stage 3 10 10 15
Stage 4 12 12 18
Stage 5 14 14 21
Stage 6 16 16 24
Parts Spa Towel Salt Water


Harvest the Animal Spa for Spa Daisy Seed Packages:

Spa Daisy Seed Packages

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