Bird Migration Pond Coming Soon in FarmVille Features!


Coming soon FarmVille Bird Migration Pond feature! We have gathered some of the early image of the feature and this might work just like the FarmVille Gopher feature. The difference is instead of harvesting crops to get a treat, on Bird Migration Pond players will have a chance to get a treat when harvesting orchards or trees. This feature maybe release this July and we have gathered some of the information and images on the rewards or items that will be associated with this feature.






Aviator Pelican, Aviator Goose and Aviator Pelican

Nerd Flamingo, Nerd Goose and Nerd Pelican

Safari Flamingo, Safari Goose and Safari Pelican

Sailor Flamingo, Sailor Goose and Sailor Pelican

Tourist Flamingo, Tourist Goose and Tourist Pelican



Dodo Tree, Duck Tree and Eagle Tree

Falcon Tree, Flamingo Tree and Goose Tree

Hawk Tree, Owls Tree and Parrot Tree

Pelican Tree, Raven Tree and Swan Tree

Turkey Tree, Vulture Tree and Woodpecker Tree

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