Bride of Duckula Feature (Halloween 2012)


Help Duckula with girl in this new unreleased FarmVille feature the Bride of Duckula. All players need to do is just complete each stage and continue the preparations and by doing so will earn prizes for each stage. But players need to to complete the required task by collecting the items needed for the preparations for Duckula’s Bride before each stage expires to be eligible to receive the reward.

Players will collect this items Dark Candle, Dusty Duster, Chocolate, Grass Souffle, Insta Cobweb Spray, Leaf, Parchment, Tomato Juice, Vines, Dark Rose, Gummy Worm Stew, Moldy Sponge and Trunk.


FarmVille Bride of Duckula Stages:




Prizes that can be won in FarmVille Brides of Duckula:

Dark Candle Tree

Dark Rose Tree

Invisible Maid Gnome

Spectral Horse

Cthulhu Butler

Werewolf Violinist

Franken Cat

Bride of Duckula

Duckula’s Banquet Table

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