Candy Castle Guide


FarmVille is releasing a new Candy Castle! The new feature building will require 6 part materials and needs 3 type initial materials to finish the building. This years Candy Castle can be upgraded up to 6 times. And the more upgrade it have the more impressive it’s look will become. And once completed it can be harvested for an Ice Cream which later can be use to exchange for the upcoming new feature Giant Sundae.





You will need the following materials to finish the Candy Castle:



Chocolate Bricks, Gingerbread Sidings and Gumdrop Accent



Lollipop Lamps, Marshmallow Mortar and Cotton Candy Insulation


Upon completion, the Candy Castle can be harvested once a day. It will give Ice Cream which in later can be used to exchange for the soon to be released Giant Sundae. So just keep collecting those ice cream. The higher level upgrade the Candy Castle has the more Ice cream it will yield. Each level will corresponds to the number of yield it will give.



Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3




Stage 4, Stage 5 and Stage 6

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