Charming Vineyard Guide


FarmVille has just recently released the new feature the Charming Vineyard. It’s a new version of a feature where players ask there friends a question about themselves and collect enough votes to unlock one of the two possible prize. When a player collects enough vote to unlock a prize a redeem button will appear under the item and just click it to collect the prize. Then after 6 stages of question a bonus prize will be unlock. The bonus prize will depend on which pattern of votes that you’ve won from the 6 stages. For example, the bonus item will be different if you won all the prizes from the straight right side of each stage from the bonus item if you won all the prizes from the straight left side and so on. Each time you progress the Charming Vineyard will grow visually impressive each stage.


Once you entered the game a popup message will appear informing about the new feature. Place the FarmVille Charming Vineyard in a free spot in your farm. In case you missed it, just check your Gift Box.

Once you place it, click on it and you will have the following options:

  • Look Inside – check the current status
  • Move – relocate the Charming Vineyard
  • Sell – exchange it for coins

Click “Look Inside” and you will see it’s current progress. Click “Ask for Votes” to post to your friends the current question:

Here are the following questions it may ask for your friends to vote:

Stage 1: Would I rather ‘Follow my Nose’ or take a ‘Guided Tour’?


Gnome Vintner                  Gnome Valet

Stage 2: For dessert would I prefer to eat a ‘Fruit Pie’ or a ‘Chocolatey Cake’?


White Grape Duck           Red Grape Rabbit

Stage 3: Would I rather dance ‘In The Street’ or in a ‘Formal Ballroom’?


Grape Crushing Barrel             Oak Barrel Rack

Stage 4: Would I rather ‘Wait Till Later’ or get it done ‘Right Away’?


White Cypress Tree           Red Willow Tree

Stage 5: When Travelling would I rather ‘Just Have Fun’ or ‘Learn About It’?


Connoisseur Sheep       Groundskeeper Chicken

Stage 6: Would I prefer to wear ‘Flip Flops’ or some ‘Stylish Boots’?


Chateau Stallion         Vineyard Steed

Bonus Prize

(Depends on the pattern of voting went)


If you’re planning to win all the “Bonus Prizes”, this pattern from the previous the same version might work courtesy of Julia. You can check it from one of her comment: HERE

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