Coming Soon! By The Sea Building in FarmVille


A new building which can transform items into another from will be release soon in FarmVille. The theme will be about By The Beach and it will give 6 different items. How to get these items? just build the By The Beach (or Palm Paradise). Each time you complete a stage it will give a reward on which when you placed near the By The Beach building it will transformed to a new form. There are total of 6 items and maybe more to come once this feature is released. Note: This is unrelease and there still a chance that this feature may still change.





Palm Paradise



Prizes and their transformation when place near the By The Beach building:

Vacationing HorseSailor Horse

Vacationing Horse                                 Sailor Horse

Ducks and a VolleyballVolleyball Ducks

Ducks and a Volleyball                      Volleyball Ducks

Frisbee CorgiLife Guard Corgi

Frisbee Corgi                                       Life Guard Corgi

Retro Beach Meerkat

Sundress Meerkat                              Retro Beach Meerkat

Toy Cruise Ship

Paper Boat                                             Toy Cruise Ship
Seashell CowCoral Cow
Seashell Cow                                          Coral Cow

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