Coming Soon Irrigation Well and Sprinkler in FarmVille


Two new features will be coming our way in FarmVille and it involves watering crops? Yes, the new FarmVille Irrigation Well and Sprinkler Feature promises that it will cut short the harvest time of your crop by 50%! So if you have a crop that is 2 day grow and harvest, if you sprinkled water on it, it can now be harvested after 1 day. Pretty useful right but not in farm extension. Because initially it will be exclusive “ONLY” for Home Farm. But hey your home is pretty large enough to take advantage of this feature.

 FarmVille Irrigation Well and Crop Sprinkler



The Irrigation Well will be buildable and can be upgraded to several stages. It will need parts of course and you can get it by collecting or asking from friends. Just like the farm tractors needs fuel, the Crop Sprinkler will need water to operate. So far here are early pictures to preview what we will be expecting in the coming days.


FarmVille Irrigation Well

FarmVille Sprinkler


 Water Sprinkler Water Sprinkler Water Sprinkler


FarmVille Crop Sprinkler


Irrigation Well


FarmVille Irrigation Well and Water Sprinkler


FarmVille Irrigation Well


FarmVille Irrigation Well


Farmville Irrigation Well



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