Crop Mastery Billboard Guide


FarmVille farmer’s started to received the new features Cop Mastery Billboard. You can now display your mastery signs obtained from fruits, vegetables, grains, and flowers in the Crop Mastery Billboard. Store your signs and keep them in track and in order with this new feature. You’ll be needing materials to finish and upgrade it into a full billboard sign. The more material and parts you put into it the more storage capacity in can hold.

Check your gift box for the Crop Mastery Billboard and place it in your farm.


Once placed on your Farm, you will have the following five options:

Look Inside – View your progress
Send Parts – Send Materials to your Friends from the Free Gifts Tab
Complete Now – Buy all Materials required to get to finish current build
Move – Rearrange your Crop Mastery Billboard on your farm
Sell – Option to sell your Crop Mastery Billboard


Next step is to collect the necessary materials to finish it. You’ll be needing the following items:


Later you’ll be needing the following materials for the last three stages of upgrades:


Once finish building the Crop Mastery Billboard, it will have this interface:



  • Click ‘Move’ to drag your mastery signs that are currently on your farm to the Crop Mastery Billboard.
  • Click ‘Use’ on your mastery signs that are in your Gift Box and drag them to the Crop Mastery Billboard.
  • Cursor over any Crop Masteries and click on ‘Remove’ if you want to place your signs outside of the Billboard. You will be able to put them back in the Billboard if you still have the capacity.

This Billboard is only for crops. This feature does not store Mastery signs for Animals, and Trees.

For Crop Mastery Billboard request links, you’ll find it HERE

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