Cupid’s Garden Guide


FarmVille started on a slow released it’s new feature the Cupid’s Garden. A preparation for the Valetine’s Day Celebration next month. The idea is to fill the Cupid’s Garden with three different items Love Arrows, Cupid Bows and Pair of Wings. Each time you fill the Cupid’s Garden with it’s materials it increasingly grow impressively. It can be upgraded up to six stages. The Love Arrows, Cupid Bows and Pair of Wings correspond to different rewards ex. 5 Love arrows can be redeemed with a Rose Bed and 35 Cupid Bows can be exchange for a Giant Cupid Tree.

Getting the Cupid’s Garden: when you enter the game, a pop up will notify you about the new feature and you’ll be immediately in a placement mode. You can place the stage 1 Cupid’s Garden on any free space in your farm (you may place it side by side with the Romantic Carriage for some love mood presentation). In case you miss the pop up, check your gift box or you can purchase one at the market for zero coins.


Clicking the Cupid’s Garden you will have the following options:

  • Ask for More – ask friends to send one of the any three items needed
  • Send Tokens of Affections – send one of the any three items to friends
  • Buy Tokens of Affections – purchase the materials with farmville cash
  • Look Inside – check the status of your Cupid’s Garden
  • Move – relocate the Cupid’s Garden
  • Sell – sell the Cupid’s Garden for some coins


These are three items you’ll be needing for the FarmVille Cupid’s Garden:
Note: Click the item image to send a request for the items to your friends


The Love Arrow, The Cupid Bows and Pair of Wings


By clicking Look Inside, you will see the number of certain items required to exchange for a prize:


Here are what the FarmVille Cupid’s Garden looks like on it’s six stages of upgrades:

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4
Stage 5 Stage 6

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