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A new feature has just been release in FarmVille. It is the new and improved FarmVille Doghouse. These dog’s are completely different from your other normal dogs as they can fetch items and you can make them unique by giving them a cool name. The Sunshine Doghouse which is currently available is just a start or a part of multiple different types of doghouses that FarmVille is planning to release. Each doghouse will housed new different breed of dogs. We will keep you up to date with this one. In the mean time here is a guide on how the Doghouse works.

Upon entering the game you’ll be prompted to place the Sunshine Doghouse:

In case you missed the popup, you can buy one from the Market:


Once you place the Sunshine Doghouse, click on it and you will the following options:

  • Look Inside: check the current state or progress of the Doghouse
  • Ask for Parts:  send a direct request to your friends for parts
  • Complete Now: spend FV cash to finish the Doghouse instantly
  • Move: relocate the Doghouse
  • Sell: option to sell it for coins


Click Look Inside (incomplete) and we’ll have the following:

It will show how many parts we still need to finish building it. The initial build will require Chew Toy x12, Dog Bed x12 and Tennis Ball x12. We also have the options of asking specific parts directly to our friends by clicking the “Ask for More” button just below the items image. We can also spend FV cash to purchase parts we still need.

Once we finish building it, we will receive a Toy Poodle as a reward. We will have the options of naming our first loyal dog:


Here are some info on how generally a Farmville Doghouse work:


Here are is a  just completed Sunshine Doghouse with it’s collection of dogs it can housed:

Toy Poodle, Poodle, Yellow Lab, Labra Poodle, Black Lab


Hovering our mouse to a dog will show:

  • Mastery Stars level: mastery level progress
  • Unleashed: set loose the dog in any part of the Farm
  • Feature Me: selecting this will put the selected dog viewable in the external view of the Doghouse


Unleashed the Dog:

  • The dog will stay on your farm, it will not run away
  • At anytime you can place the dog back in the Doghouse
  • Placing the dog inside the Doghouse and harvesting it to gain mastery level


Adopting new collection of dog:

There are two ways to unlocked more dogs from our current Doghouse. We can either collect dog treats or pay an adoption fee (FV cash) to unlock the dog.

Ways to get dog treat:

  • Ask friends by posting request feeds
  • Helping or clicking friends feeds
  • Purchase it for 1 FV cash each
  • Harvesting the Doghouse

Be sure to not mistakenly buy the other Dog treat in the market. Buy the one that says “Sunshine Dog Treat”.

Sunshine Doghouse Collections and unlockables:

  • Toy Poodle – Complete Doghouse
  • Poodle – requires 20 Treats or 20 to unlock
  • Yellow Lab – requires 40 Treats or 40 to unlock
  • Labradoodle – requires 70 Treats or 70 to unlock
  • Black Lab – requires 120 Treats or 120 to unlock


Fetch an Items:

Once we’ve unlock all the dogs in the current doghouse, we can now use treats to have the dogs to fetch items. Here are some of the items it can fetch:

Flower Food
Animal Feed
Watering Can
Fertilize All
Water Bowl
Toy Stuffed Dog
Toy Bone
Dogwood Tree
Persian Witch Cat
Party Cat
Bat Cat
Grey Cat
Vineyard Cat
Flying Squirrel
Scarf Squirrel
Brown Squirrel

 Note: Fetched items will go directly in the Gift Box.

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