Dream Tree Feature


The new Summer Dream Tree feature is about to be release by FarmVille where we have the chance to received exclusive prizes just by collecting Dream Drops. Yup, we can exchange these Dream Drops for prizes depending on which one we desire as long as we have enough Dream Drops to exchange. We can collect these Dream Drops by asking friends, helpingĀ  friends (clicking on friends feed), or buying (using FV Cash) Dream Drops from the Market. Here are some more additional info on how it works:


Dream Tree Stages:


Dream Tree Prize Line Up:

Purple Primrose = 15 Dream Drops


Jumping Pond = 30 Dream Drops


Summer Donkey = 45 Dream Drops


Dream Trumpet = 60 Dream Drops


Rose Dragon = 80 Dream Drops


Dream Unicorn = 100 Dream Drops

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