Dream Unicorn in FarmVille Feature


FarmVille will soon be releasing the Dream Unicorn Feature. Players will raise and grow Dream Unicorns  by collecting (granting) wishes. Dream Unicorn is very similar from the previous release the Prized Pig where players need to feed their Pig and weigh it. On this feature Unicorns will be raised and in other to grow them they will need wishes. Wishes can be crafted in the regular Craftshop or can be collected from friends by either asking or helping. As you feed your Unicorn it will become to any of the four Unicorn.



Parts needed for crafting “Wishes”:

Wish = Shooting Stars Bushel x3, Lucky Marshmallows Bushel x3 and Dandelion Bushel x3



You can raised this four baby Unicorns and turn them any of the four:


Oz Unicorn Child will turn to into any of the following:

Tinman Unicorn, Straw Man Unicorn, Cowardly Lion Unicorn and Dorothy Unicorn


Villain Unicorn Child will turn into any of the following

Wolf Grandma Unicorn, Wicked Witch Unicorn, Queen Stepmother Unicorn, Evil Fairy Unicorn


Gemstone Unicorn Child will turn into any of the following:

Sapphire Sparkle Unicorn, Ruby Blaze Unicorn, Rose Crystal Unicorn and Emerald Star Unicorn


Storybook Unicorn Child will turn into any of the following:

Red Riding Hood Unicorn, Jack Unicorn, Goldilocks Unicorn and Cinderella Unicorn

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