Fall Fashion 2012 Feature


Another round of ask your friends for vote feature in FarmVille Fall Fashion 2012. Since fall season is just around the corner the theme will be about fall fashion and players will ask their friends on what they think they will wear? The most number of votes for the items will be the prize and if in the case both items receives 4 votes each, player can choose which item to redeem. Here are the prizes and some of the questions:



Prizes that can be redeem for Fall Fashion Feature:

Bootcut Ostrich, Puffy Jacket Puffin, Zipper Tree, Cow in Hoodie, Back Pack Turtle, Metallic Fir Tree, Beanie Fox Terrier, Denim Tree, Sneaker Horse, Umbrella Tree, Chicken in Jeans and Duck with Mitten.


Skinny Jeans Ostrich, Peacot Penguin, Button Tree, Cow in Sweater, Messenger Bag Turtle, Silver Tree, Fedora Fox Terrier, Hot Pink Tree, Duck with Gloves, Corduroy Chicken, Raincoat Tree and Sneaker Horse.

Here are some of the questions:

1. Would I rather wear skinny or bootcut jeans?

2. Would I rather use a messenger bag or a backpack?

3. Would I rather wear gloves or mittens?

4. Would I rather wear a peacoat or a puffy jacket?

5. Would I rather wear metallic or neutral colors?

6. Would I rather wear corduroys or jeans?

7. Would I rather wear buttons or zippers?

8. Would I rather wear a fedora or a beanie?

9. Would I rather use a raincoat or an umbrella?

10. Would I rather wear a sweater or a hoodie?

11. Would I rather wear colored or denim jeans?

12. Would I rather wear boots or sneakers?

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