Fantasy Felines Guide


Fantasy Felines have just arrived in FarmVille. This morning players started receiving this new feature in a form of a crate. Once a player clicked the crates a pop up message will appear and a “open crate” option can now be clicked. There are 2 colors to choose from and they are Pink or Blue. Depending on the options a players chooses, the final form of the feline will depend.


 Choose you Feline, Blue or Pink?


Hovering your “mouse” to your Feline will show how many feed it will require for it to advance to the next stage:


Click on your Feline and you will have the following menu:


Food Stages for your Fantasy Feline:

  • There are three stages of food that your Feline will be needing.

Stage 1:

Canned Foods – for Baby Cats to grow them to Stage 2 (it will be needing a total 5 Canned Foods, they can be acquired by either crafting, asking friends, or clicking friends feeds. After feeding your Baby Cat the required amount of feed you will then be prompted if you want Tiger or Leopard.


Stage 2:

Dry Food – for Tiger or Leopard felines to grow them to Stage 3 (it can be crafted and will be requiring Grape Bushels x3, Spinach Bushel x3 and Squash Bushel x2 if you have the required amount of bushels you can now click the “Make It or Craft Food” in the feline menu)


Stage 3:

Treats Рfor stage 3 felines like Pink or Blue Leopard Spotted Lioness, Tigard or Striped Lion King. (it will need atleast 15 Treats to grow it to Stage 4, Treats can be crafted and needs Cotton Bushels x3, Raspberry Bushels x3 and Artichoke Bushels x2).


Path of Growth of Felines:

Note: You can also earn mastery points with your Fantasy Felines.

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