FarmVille Autumn Harvest Feature


FarmVille Autumn Harvest feature will be released soon. Players will have a chance to win some exclusive items just by collecting Harvest Baskets. The more Harvest Basket they collected the more rewards they can exchange. To collect Harvest Basket players can either help their friends clicking their request feeds or they can post a request feed by clicking the “ask friends” button in the Autumn Harvest menu. They can also craft Holiday Basket at the Craftshop.


Autumn Harvest


Craft Harvest Basket  and earn points:

Harvest Basket

Harvest Basket = Pumpkin Bushel x4, Cranberry Bushel x3 and Sorghum Bushel x3

*Harvest Basket is crafted in a Craftshop


Prizes and the Number of Baskets Needed:

Autumn Feast Turkey Harvest Basket
Autumn Feast Turkey


Maple Princess Deer Harvest Basket
Maple Princess Deer


Autumn Rainbow Peacock Harvest Basket
Autumn Rainbow Peacock


Autumn Sun Unicorn Harvest Basket
Autumn Sun Unicorn


Golden Leaf Pegacorn Harvest Basket
Golden Leaf Pegacorn

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