FarmVille Bob’s Berry Farm


Join Farmer Bob in a special feature called FarmVille Bob’s Berry Farm. This new feature will make players to collect berries or Bob’s berry and used it to buy special items at the Market. There will be three difficulty setting for players to choose from. There will be easy, medium and hard difficulty setting. Here are some of the information about this feature including the crops we will need to harvest and the recipes etc.

Bob's Berry Farm


FarmVille Bob's Berry farm


There will be 3 difficulty setting in playing the Bob’s Berry Farm feature. Which ever difficulty setting you choose, their goal is to collect berries. The medium and hard difficulty setting will be the one which will have the more chances of earning berries. You can used this berries to purchase special items at the Market.

Bob's Berry Farm


NOTE: In case you don’t like the tasks that you get can always change for FREE or using FV cash. Every each day you will get 1 free option and it will stack if you don’t used it (for example, if you don’t use the FREE Change Quests option for 3 days then you will 3 FREE Change Quests chances.)


NOTE: It is not advise to use other variation of the crops eg. SUPER etc.. Plant ONLY what the quest is asking.




In easy mode, you only need to harvest crops in order to get Bob’s Berry. The table below will show you which crops to harvest their Bob’s Berry equivalent. For ex. you need to harvest 40 Durum Wheat to get 1 Bob’s Berry or Raspberry x40 = 1 Bob’s Berry.


Berry's Farm Easy


Note: You may click the name of the crops to view it’s picture.


Crops Harvest Time = 1 Bob’s Berry
Crimini Mushrooms 2 hours 40
Durum Wheat 2 hours 40
Genovese Basil 2 hours 40
Green Pepper 2 hours 40
Raspberry 2 hours 40
Red Pepper 2 hours 40
Roma Tomato 2 hours 40
Shallot 2 hours 40
Sundried Tomato 2 hours 40
White Wheat 2 hours 40
Yellow Onion 2 hours 40
Blackberry 4 hours 30
Blue Daisy 6 hours 30
Blueberry 4 hours 30
Columbine 4 hours 30
Strawberry 4 hours 30
Aloe Vera 6 hours 20
Ghost Chili 6 hours 20
Dandelion 8 hours 18
Pink Toadstool 8 hours 18
Pumpkin 8 hours 18
Red Pineapple 8 hours 18
Tomato 8 hours 18
Cranberries 10 hours 16
Lilac 10 hours 14
Rainbow Candy Floss 10 hours 14
Sorghum 10 hours 14
White Carnation 10 hours 14
Bold Beets 12 hours 13
Cantaloupe 12 hours 13
Carrot 12 hours 13
Cotton 12 hours 13
Country Guitars 12 hours 13
Fennel 12 hours 13
Lavender Lily 12 hours 13
Morning Glory 12 hours 13
Rice 12 hours 13
Rutabega 12 hours 13
Startichoke 12 hours 13
Sunburst Orchid 12 hours 13
White Grape 12 hours 13
Yerba Mate 12 hours 13
Dynamite Peppers 14 hours 11
Mustard 16 hours 11
Ramps 16 hours 11
Spinach 14 hours 11
Yellow Lentil 14 hours 11
Coffee 16 hours 10
Elephant Peanut 16 hours 10
Ersatz Garlic 16 hours 10
Flamingo Flower 16 hours 10
Green Strawberries 16 hours 10
Honeyberry 16 hours 10
Jack O’Lily 16 hours 10
Jalapeno 8 hours 10
Leek 16 hours 10
Pattypan Squash 16 hours 10
Peanut 16 hours 10
Purple Anthurium 18 hours 10
Rhubarb 16 hours 10
Teaberry 18 hours 10
Appleberry 24 hours 9
Amber Grain 24 hours 9
Blue Bean 16 hours 9
Chickpea 20 hours 9
Gooseberries 24 hours 9
Grape 24 hours 9
Licorice Plant 24 hours 9
Madder Root 20 hours 9
Orange Calendula 20 hours 9
Popcorn 24 hours 9
Red Tulip 24 hours 9
Rye 20 hours 9
Squirting Flowers 24 hours 9
Blue Rose 24 hours 8
Canning Peaches 24 hours 8
Celery 24 hours 8
Frost Poppy 24 hours 8
Golden Poppy 24 hours 8
Glow Flowers 24 hours 8
Kale 24 hours 8
Milk Thistle 24 hours 8
Narcissus Geranium 24 hours 8
Nutmeg 24 hours 8
Pepper 24 hours 8
Peppermint 24 hours 8
Plum Blossom 24 hours 8
Red Chrysanthemum 24 hours 8
Soybean 24 hours 8
Sunflower 24 hours 8
Strawberry Apertif 24 hours 8





Bob's Berry Farm


On this setting we will need to craft recipes and harvest crops. The lists of crops is already listed above while the recipes is listed below. If you opt for this setting you can earn Bob’s berry in two ways, harvesting crops and crafting recipes.


Craft Name Bushel Bushel Bushel Time to Cook
Berry Bed

Berry Bed

Cantaloupe x1 Country Guitars x1 Startichoke x1 1 hour
Berry Bed Cover

Berry Bed Cover

Red Pineapple x1 Aloe Vera x1 Dandelion x1 3 hours
Berry Booster

Berry Booster

Carrot x1 Lavender Lily x1 Rice x1 1 hour
Berry Planter

Berry Planter

Red Pineapple x1 Tomato x1 Sorghum x1 1 hour
Berry Trellis

Berry Trellis

Yerba Mate x1 Rutabega x1 Cotton x1 1 hour
Cider Barrel

Cider Barrel

White Carnation x1 Lavender Lily x1 Morning Glory x1 1 hour
Display Stand

Display Stand

Country Guitars x1 White Carnation x1 Sorghum x1 1 hour
Festive Hot Cake

Festive Hot Cake

Swiss Chard x1 Spinach x1 Dynamite Pepper x1 1 hour
Mixed Fruit Compote

Mixed Fruit Compote

Cranberry x1 Rainbow Candy Floss x1 Lilac x1 1 hour
Protective Net

Protective Net

Pumpkin x1 Pink Toadstool x1 Dandelion x1 2 hours
Rustic Veggie Soup

Rustic Veggie Soup

Carrot x1 Cantaloupe x1 Rutabaga x1 1 hour
Rustic Wreath

Rustic Wreath

Lilac x1 Lavender Lily x1 Sunburst Orchid x1 1 hour
Speedy Grow Mix

Speedy Grow Mix

Fennel x1 White Grapes x1 Bold Beets x1 1 hour
Storage Barrel

Storage Barrel

Blue Daisy x1 Aloe Vera x1 Ghost Chili x1 4 hours
Warm Winter Pie

Warm Winter Pie

Jalapeno x1 Ghost Chili x1 Tomato x1 3 hours
Water Trough

Water Trough

Jalapeno x1 Pumpkin x1 Tomato x1 2 hours
Water Wheel

Water Wheel

Startichoke x1 Bold Beets x1 Yerba Mate x1 1 hour
Wicker Basket

Wicker Basket

Cotton x1 Rice x1 Fennel x1 1 hour
Winter Granola

Winter Granola

Cranberry x1 Rainbow Candy Floss x1 White Grape x1 1 hour





On this setting, we will need the help from our friends or neighbors with some parts or materials which means we need post the items that we need in order to get it. You’ll earn Bob’s Berry in three ways: harvesting crops, crafting recipes and posting items.


Bob's Berry Farm


Here are some examples of what could be the items that we need to collect:


Berry Fertilizer Berry Manure Organic Compost
Berry Fertilizer Berry Manure Organic Compost
Picking Crate Soil Bag
Picking Crate Soil Bag



The following will be considered as among the rewards or items that can be bought with Bob’s Berry: 


You can browse the rewards at the Market by clicking the BERRY’s Farm tab section:

Berry's Farm


Berry Fuel Package Berry Arborist Package
3 pack of Turbo Chargers
Bob’s Double Avatar Speed Berry 3 Pack of Turbos
Bob’s Cosy Chicken Bob’s Flower Cover Hamster
Bob’s Gum Boots Piggie Bob’s Reindeer Horse
Bob’s Double Avatar Size Berry Unwither
Bob’s Berry Barn Dewberry
Bob’s Poinsettia Unicorn Bob’s Holiday Lights Pony
Bob’s Hot Cocoa Tub Duck Golden Hair Unicorn
Bob’s Berries and Blooms Fence Bob’s Berry Brook 1
Bob’s Berry Brook 2 Bob’s Berry Brook 3
Bob’s Berry Brook 4
Bob’s Berry Brook 4 Bob’s Berry Brook 5
Bob’s Berry Brook 6 Bob’s Super Berry 6×6 Combine
Bob’s Verry Berry Combine Bob’s Crystal Lights Tree
Tayberry Holiday Berry Crystals Tree
Frozen Berry Horse
Frozen Berry Sheep Bob’s Red Hot Tractor

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