FarmVille Enchanted Waterfall Feature


We have gathered some early image of what could be another building that will give “seeds”. As of now we may call it the FarmVille Enchanted Waterfalls. It will be a buildable decoration building and from what it looks it may be harvestable for “seeds”. Here are the building stages and the parts it will need:

FarmVille Enchanted Waterfalls



The Enchanted Waterfall Stages:


Enchanted Waterfall Stage 1  Enchanted Waterfall Stage 2
Stage 1 Stage 2


Stage 3 Stage 4


Stage 5 Stage 6


Stage 7 Stage 8



Parts that will be needed to build and upgrade the Enchanted Waterfalls:


Drill Tool Engraved Stones Magic Dust
Drill Tool Engraved Stones Magic Dust


These parts maybe craftable and probably may belong to the Craftshop Recipes. Currently there’s is no information yet on what “seeds” will the Enchanted Waterfall will give and the bushels that will be used to craft these parts. We will update this page once when grab hold of these information.

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