FarmVille Grooming Barn and Yearlings


Yearlings and Grooming will be arriving in FarmVille. We will groom colts and turn them into yearlings at the FarmVille Grooming Barn. This feature may remind you of the previous release the Prized Pigs or the Social Sheep. We also need Mane Brush for the grooming process.

We have here the preview of the Grooming Barn complete with early image and the Yearlings lists.

 Grooming Barn

Yearlings Grooming Barn



Grooming Barns

How the Grooming Barn works:

  • Place a colt on your farm. Give these young colts a place on your farm, who knows what sort of majestic animal they will grow into.
  • Care for your colts by tending to them with Mane Brushes. They will grow into magnificent yearlings!
  • As your colts grow, they will become one of three different yearlings! Can you collect them all?
  • You can view your yearlings collection through the grooming barn.


Grooming Barn



Once we have the Grooming Barn ready, we can then choose which Yearling to raise. Yearlings are available for purchase in either with coins or FV cash.

Note: Grooming Barn may only placed at the Home Farm (but may still change).

Grooming Barn



After choosing which foal to raise we can now place in it in our farm and start raising it. To raise yearlings we will need a special item called a “Mane Brush”.

Mane Brush can be crafted at the Craftshop using the following bushels:




Bermuda Grass Hay is new crop and it will have 16 hours harvest time.

Bermuda Grass Hay



Here are the initial lists of yearlings and their transformation:

Fancy Light Yearling Fancy Unicorn Yearling

Fancy Light Yearling –>> Fancy Unicorn Yearling


Dark Flower Unicorn Flower Pegasus Unicorn

Dark Flower Unicorn –>> Flower Pegasus Unicorn


Fancy Dark Yearling Pegasus Yearling

Dark Yearling –>>  Pegasus Yearling


Light Gem Yearling Gem Unicorn Yearling

Light Gem Yearling –>> Gem Unicorn Yearling


Light Flower Yearling Flower Unicorn Yearling

Light Flower Yearling –>> Flower Unicorn Yearling


Light Yearling Unicorn Yearling

Light Yearling –>> Unicorn Yearling


Fancy Dark Yearling Fancy Pegasus Yearling

Fancy Dark Yearling –>> Fancy Pegasus Yearling

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